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Whereisthecool Magazine – Issue 09

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Good question. Let this pretentious magazine give you the answer (by Laurent Laporte).

Here we are again, still trying to shed light on this attractive and enigmatic notion called Cool.

As it will soon be necessary to specify it systematically, I wish to address a huge thank you to each human who participated in this 9th adventure. This project will always remain an artisanal project, far from the countless possibilities and facilities that the machine currently offers: Wasn’t the original purpose of creating robots was to replace humans in repetitive and uninteresting tasks? Why we suddenly wants to give them the fun part? At Whereisthecool, we will keep this one to ourselves even if it is sometimes laborious and much more complicated (because guess what, making an independant magazine is a p*** in the a** my friends) because in the end, we always come out of it much happier. I hope you will have as much happiness while browsing the pages of this new issue which deals as usual with a multitude of subjects: From cars headlights to Japanese listening rooms to strange bathrooms of the mid 70s or retrofutouristic modular housing. Thanks to all those who still take the time to read (even if only this message), to buy something tangible and to have a good time with it in their hands. Yours truly, Laurent Laporte

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