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Coffee Table Mags

Magazine Lover Unisex T-Shirt

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Attention, all magazine enthusiasts and lovers of comfort! Introducing our super comfy unisex t-shirt, specially crafted for those who find solace in the captivating world of printed words and images. Made from the finest organic cotton, this tee embodies the essence of sustainability and style, embracing every magazine lover out there.

Wrap yourself in the soft embrace of organic cotton—a fabric chosen with utmost care for both you and the planet. As you slip into this tee, feel the gentle touch against your skin, and let the comfort whisk you away to the realm of imagination and inspiration.

Designed for all, this unisex t-shirt is a celebration of the diverse community of magazine aficionados. Whether you're exploring art, indulging in travel tales, or delving into thought-provoking narratives, this tee connects you with like-minded souls who share your passion for the printed word.

With an enchanting design that pays homage to the world of magazines, this tee becomes your stylish badge of honor—a statement piece that sparks curiosity and conversation. It's a reminder of the profound influence that print has on our lives, beyond the digital realm.

But it's not just about the aesthetics; it's about making a conscious choice. By embracing organic cotton, you contribute to a more sustainable future. This tee is a testament to your commitment to the environment, as it's free from harmful chemicals and supports ethical farming practices.

So, whether you're exploring a new issue at your favorite cafe, or curling up with a classic at home, this super comfy unisex t-shirt is the perfect companion to your magazine-filled moments. It's a symbol of your passion for print, your love for the planet, and your admiration for the stories that shape our world.

Join us in celebrating the magic of magazines with this special tee—your gateway to comfort, style, and sustainability. Wear it with pride and let it embody the essence of your magazine-loving soul.

Indulge in the comfort of organic cotton and embrace your love for the printed word. Welcome to the club of magazine lovers, where the joy of reading meets the joy of conscious choices. Get your super comfy unisex t-shirt now and wear your love for magazines, wherever your adventures take you!

Single Jersey, 100% Cotton - Organic Ring Spun Combed, 180 GSM, medium fit, Peta-approved vegan, printed in Hamburg, Germany

The „model” (founder of Coffee Table Mags) is 187 cm tall and wearing size M.

Illustration by Michal Loba for Coffee Table Mags