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  • The European Review of Books – Issue 05 – Cover
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The European Review of Books

The European Review of Books – Issue 05

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The European Review of Books is a magazine of culture and ideas in English and in a writer’s own tongue.

The European Review of Books is a new magazine of culture and ideas, in English and beyond. It’s distinctive layered design (rip its pages open!) grabbed the eyes of the magazine world when Issue One appeared in June 2022. It featured writing from Ali Smith, Adania Shibli, Rem Koolhaas and more.

Issue Five is verdant green, and the vignette on the cover is a teddy bear that doesn’t want to budge.

The 2024 spring-summer issue has questions: How best to lose Eurovision? What is Russia-themed erotica about? And it has destinations, often anguished ones: refugees and guards on the Polish border, Russians in Istanbul, Europe’s noisiest island, early Zionist disillusionment in Palestine, a return to Phnom Penh. Javier Milei literarily considered, Vincent van Gogh’s forgotten friend, Walter Benjamin’s last resort, Hélène Cixous on fiery foundations, philosophy at sea.

All with the ERB’s remarkable print design: turn the pages to read, but cut the pages for a second layer of depth and digression.

192 pages, French fold binding design.

Language: English