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  • The California Sunday Magazine – 02-2020 – Cover
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The California Sunday Magazine

The California Sunday Magazine – 02-2020

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The California Sunday Magazine roams across California, the West, Asia, and Latin America, telling stories for a national audience. We explore science, business, entertainment, politics, technology, art, social issues, sports, food, and more. We’re curious about everything. We publish stories regularly on the web and in print — delivered monthly with select Sunday copies of the Los Angeles Time and San Francisco Chronicle.

The Lucrative, Largely Unregulated, and Widely Misunderstood World of Vaping

As medical researchers scramble to find the source of a fatal lung disease and officials seek to ban the sale of vape pens, our correspondent set out to separate reality from hysteria.

Inside the Massive, Elaborate Care Packages Filipinos Send Home
An extensive shipping network allows millions to stay connected to the friends, relatives, and children they rarely see.

The Mysterious Lawyer X
Nicola Gobbo defended Melbourne’s most notorious criminals at the height of a gangland war. They didn’t know she had a secret.

Facial Recognition
The controversial and nearly ever-present technology that could replace the fingerprint