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  • The Business of Specialty Coffee – Cover
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Maxwell Dashwood

The Business of Specialty Coffee

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Step into the world of specialty coffee with Maxwell Dashwood's "The Business of Specialty Coffee." Beyond sips and aromas, this book delves deep into the commercial side of coffee.

Structured in eight comprehensive parts, the book begins with an overview of the specialty coffee industry, moving to the nitty-gritty of doing business, understanding wider market forces, values, branding, marketing, strategies, and concludes with Dashwood's thoughts on the future of this ever-evolving market.

With a journalistic approach, Dashwood doesn't prescribe a one-size-fits-all business model but offers a panoramic view of the industry, providing readers with the tools, insights, and understanding needed to carve their niche. Whether you're an entrepreneur thinking of entering the coffee business, an established professional, or just a coffee enthusiast, this book promises a rich blend of information and inspiration.

Title: The Business of Specialty Coffee
Author: Maxwell Dashwood
Copyright: 2023
Published by: Maxwell Dashwood in Great Britain, 2023
ISBN: 978-1-3999-5984-1
Design & Editing: Ally Simpson (Cover & Book Design), Travis Riley (Copy Editor)

*Erratum - First edition print run correction. The monetary amount listed by the specialty coffee farming chart on page 35 should be $2,227.