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Playground Magazine

Playground Magazine – Issue 1

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Playground is a fresh, new bi-annual magazine for imaginative minds.

Featuring thought-provoking essays, engaging conversations and an assortment of “creative quickies”, it’s an honest, and at times, opinionated exploration of the creative mind and process. Packed full of smart insights and egoless advice, Playground is a must-read for those working in, or curious about, Europe’s vibrant culture and creative industries.

About Issue 1

For its inaugural 112-page issue, more than 30 creatives from around Europe, including writers, illustrators, photographers and makers from Georgia, Ukraine, Lithuania, to Sweden, Spain and the UK, contributed to bring the magazine to life.

Read essays and conversations that:

  • Delve into the practice of “mood reading”
  • Offer a bold take on future trends 
  • Explore Europe’s booming culinary-meets-arts industry
  • Shed light on the democratisation of music in Stockholm
  • Present fresh ideas about how the worlds of business and contemporary arts an learn from each other
  • Or simply indulge in a “creative quickie”, where some of our favourite creatives share advice they wish they’d never received, their cultural recommendations, and more!

Language: English