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Pit Magazine

Pit Magazine – Issue 13

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Pit magazine is cooking outside, over live fire. It’s about the smell of smoke in the air, the singed hairs on your fingers and the pink ring on a rack of ribs you cooked at the end of your garden.

Issue 13 is here, and we are feeling saucy! The world of condiments is vast, and options hotly debated. What does your choice of breakfast condiment say about you? Felicity Cloake reveals all. Is Roman garum making a comeback? Susan Low investigates.

The range of ingredients and methods used to add flavour to food is staggering, and we take a tour of some of the world’s greats, from nose-searing Bengali kasundi, to er, jarred Dolmio sauces, XO and even condiments up in space. Plus there are recipes for the best Marie Rose sauce you’ll ever make, salad cream, an actual barbecued egg, and much more!

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