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  • Pen – Number 534: Autumn/Winter Masterpiece Encyclopedia – Cover
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Pen – Number 534: Autumn/Winter Masterpiece Encyclopedia

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Born in 1997 in Tokyo, Pen [ペン] is the most influential media reference for meaningful culture and lifestyle in Japan.


Since 2016, our international edition of the infamous Tokyo-based magazine has been delivering stories of Japan-inspired creativity, bringing together and showcasing the very best in arts, culture, design, food, and travel.

This issue:

[Special Feature] Carefully Selected Seasonal Items 2022 Autumn/Winter Masterpiece Encyclopedia

What do you mean by masterpiece?

It may not be a well-known standard item, but something that changes with the times and may be interpreted differently by different people.
In this issue, we have selected a total of 144 items of clothing and accessories from a large number of new works based on various perspectives.
This season's trendy item, a notable brand that has landed in Japan for the first time, what "connoisseurs" are interested in now, ability
The items handled by the school select shop, and the theory of luxury goods that the creators of the season talk about.
All of this information has been compiled into the latest version of the illustrated book.
First, on the next page, I will introduce five keywords that reflect the current atmosphere.
I want you to find a masterpiece for yourself from this one book.

5 Keywords to Follow
[Handwork] [Humor] [Silhouette] [New Nomes] [Tactile]

COLUMN #1 The best than universal Tahi Saika (poet)

COLUMN #2 Something I wouldn't recommend to others Naoki Ono (product designer)

7 Essential Items
[Fur Shoes] [Down Jacket] [Color Setup] [Patterned Knit] [Mini Shoulder] [Bucket Hat] [Double Breasted Jacket]

Daily necessities
[Underwear] [Perfume] [Belt] [Water bottle]

COLUMN #3 Shuta Hasunuma (musician) to experience the world directly

Styling with Masterpieces
[Vintage Mix]

Navigator's Eye
[00s sneakers] Editor Masayuki Ozawa
[Neo-American Casual] Ujiro Masuda Fashion Journalist
[Clothing in context] Naoki Ikeda Stylist

Newcomer of the Season
[first product]

Timeless Wardrobe
[New standard]

COLUMN #4 Shopping mistakes sharpen your taste Satoshi Ogawa (novelist)

11 Destination Stores
[Well-known store]

The bare face of Takanori Iwata and Louis Vuitton's everyday wear

Louis Vuitton's latest accessories to add sparkle


The borderless style of Keita Machida x Tod's that spreads from your feet

Innovative Louis Vuitton timepieces that carry on passion

Eight top creators gathered, and "Osaka" finally started running

Other publications, etc.