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  • Nytt Rom – Issue 95: The Subtle Feeling Issue – Cover
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Nytt Rom

Nytt Rom – Issue 95: The Subtle Feeling Issue

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NYTT ROM is a Norwegian magazine presenting Scandinavian design, architecture and living.

We in Scandinavia are sometimes criticised for being sober and low-key. We don't go out of our way to stand out, nor do we have such sharp elbows. We use words like understated and moderate. We're generally quite low-key, not particularly boisterous. It's not necessarily that we're particularly shy. We just don't want to risk offending anyone. Fortunately, these character traits are also reflected in the architecture we build, our homes and the things we surround ourselves with. In this edition, there is little unnecessary decor, ornaments and borders. Jannicke and Andreas' cabin on an islet at the water's edge is anything but flashy, with a sparse 47 square metre structure built with local materials. Stiv Kuling arkitekter's latest cabin project at Lista is carefully planned to almost disappear into the dunes, with cladding of hardy juniper twigs to make it even more camouflaged. Pia and Robert, south of Stockholm, are happy as long as they can build functionally and super-minimally in their favourite material, bamboo.
Sometimes the Nordic minimalism works just as it should.

(Norwegian language only!)