Nomad Interview

Nomad Interview – Number 04: Future Mindsets

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Nomad Interview is an annual magazine that comes from South Korea with the aim of inspiring positive change in people.

Each issue focuses on a theme and many different destinations and people, who in engaging interviews and exclusive stories tell us all about their philosophy, attitude and lifestyle.

In this issue, we embarked on a transformative journey from San Francisco to Paris, engaging with visionary individuals who shared their insights on the future mindset. We had the privilege of sitting down with eight remarkable individuals from diverse backgrounds, each bringing their unique perspectives to the table. Here are a few of the inspiring personalities featured in the magazine:

  • Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI, is dedicated to ensuring that artificial general intelligence benefits all of humanity. Discover his mission to shape the future.
  • Frederik G. Pferdt, Chief Innovation Evangelist at Google, explores empathy as a profound human skill and reveals how it can shape a better future for all of us.
  • Zach Klein, CEO of Dwell and Co-founder of Vimeo, inspires us to lead lives that do more with less, highlighting the significance of fundamental change in our lives.
  • Nick Bostrom, Professor of Philosophy at the University of Oxford, offers profound insights into potential risks, developmental paths, and strategies to respond to future threats, guiding us towards a future of thoughtful decision-making.
  • James Doty, Clinical Professor of Neurosurgery at Stanford University, helps us unlock new possibilities through compassion and an understanding of our brain's potential.
  • Tobias Peggs, CEO of Square Roots, shares his mission to safeguard the food supply for humanity's survival.
  • Martin Ford, Futurologist, challenges us to consider the delicate relationship between humanity and artificial intelligence.
  • Pascal Finette, Founder of be radical, shares insights on the power of resilience—the strength to rise above failures and shape the future through our actions and mindset.
  • In addition, Korea Entrepreneurship Special features Wright Brothers, pioneers of the Carbon-Neutral Lifestyle, making it accessible to all through bicycles.

"The Future Mindset Guide" within the magazine provides a comprehensive framework to define and shape the future. We reflect on individual, environmental, technological, policy, and philosophical dimensions, offering practical tools and profound reflections to navigate the ever-evolving landscape.

We believe that this magazine will be of great help to those who strive to establish their mindset for the future, whether in their homes, workplaces, or organizations. The future is made through our collective and sincere efforts, and we hope this publication can inspire those who want to take a step forward.

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