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Mayday Magazine

Mayday Magazine – Issue 04

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Mayday is about the unpredictable realities facing people, culture, society, business and technology.

In Issue Four, we explore radical ideas, technologies and viewpoints in hopes of understanding. Because we can’t shy away from views or ideas that seem extreme, only by virtue of being different than our own. So we face the future head-on, take stock and work our way forward. The journey takes us from right-wing extremism to Kundalini yoga, and from gene drives to historical eccentrics. Maybe we can find some answers somewhere in between.

In this issue:
Interview with British Astronomer Royal, Lord Martin Rees — Jamie Bartlett’s opinion on call-out culture — Feature with Danish artist Lea Porsager — The intricacies of populism according to UK thinktank Counterpoint’s founder Catherine Fieschi — The contrasting nuances of the colour red — Contemporary realities reflected in art explained by artistic director of the MAXXI museum in Rome, Hou Hanru — Original science fiction shorts — Transhumanism’s futuristic landscape of frozen brains told by Irish author, Mark O’Connell — Photo series exploring machine visions of Copenhagen’s Glyptoteket museum — the Coffee Dispatch and much more.


Bo Lidegaard sits down with Catherine Fieschi to discuss the recent success of populist politics in terms of social, economic and cultural factors. What we see as extreme is, in fact, just the perfect storm of ordinary elements.

If anyone can spot the threads that will inform our future, it’s Lord Martin Rees. Even though he can’t say for sure, this astrophysicist and Astronomer Royal helps us imagine some possible scenarios so that we can better plan for an unpredictable future.

Irish author Mark O’Connell travelled the world talking to transhumanists like Max More, the founder and director of one of the world’s largest cryonics facilities, where he oversees the frozen bodies of 164 patients currently suspended there.

128 pages
200 x 275mm
May 2019