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  • Magazine F – Issue 21: Ramyun – Cover
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Magazine F

Magazine F – Issue 21: Ramyun

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Magazine F is a food documentary magazine co-created by Magazine B and Baemin, which introduces one particular ingredient that has had a significant impact on people’s table.

Baemin has become a critical mover and shaker in South Korean contemporary food culture, and B provides a balanced view on brands through multi-layered stories. This collaboration brings together these two areas of expertise in F, which is hoped to become a record of essential ingredients and food culture of our time.


The 21st Magazine F focuses on the role of ramen in food culture and its emotional function.tains changes not only in food culture, but also in interior, design, technology, and lifestyle.

Ramen is a food that has established an unrivaled position based on convenience and scalability. In the case of instant noodles, in particular, following innovations in manufacturing technology, product development and distribution continue to evolve, creating a cultural code close to entertainment.

Indonesia, which is considered the largest consumer of ramen after Korea, Japan, which has led the qualitative development of instant products centered on 'ramen', which is close to gourmet, and Korea, which is expanding the spectrum of the ramen market by taking advantage of the status of K-culture. If you look at the current state of ramen, which is a whole and part of noodle culture and exerts its influence from Asia to the world, you will be able to sense the flow of food culture as well as ramen.

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