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Magazine B

Magazine B – Issue 90: Lemaire

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Magazine B is an ad-less monthly publication that introduces one well-balanced brand unearthed from around the globe in each issue. between its covers, Magazine B not only shares untold stories behind the brand but also its sentiment and culture that any readers interested in brand marketing and management can leaf through with ease.

The 90th issue of the Magazine B is ‘Lemaire,’ a fashion brand that has evolved with a deep interest in creating style rather than fashion through simple and functional collections.

Lemaire, a fashion brand founded by designer Christophe Lemaire in Paris, France in 1991, has built a strong mania by presenting collections that stand for ‘everyday wear that transcends time’. Lemaire's unique design grammar, which has focused on developing unique materials with practical and aesthetic personality, using calm colors that are tone-downed in consideration of various skin tones, is essential for dry silk shirts or twisted dresses with asymmetric button details. You can take a look at the item. Sara-Lin Tran joined in 2010 and established the current co-creative director system, and the brand has reached a second turning point. It is loved by various generations.