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Hypebeast Magazine

Hypebeast Magazine – Issue 33: The System Issue

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Hypebeast is the leading magazine for men’s contemporary fashion and streetwear.

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A 200 page magazine that encompasses the very essence of Hypebeast, yet also forms as a platform that delves into and divulges the subjects featured throughout. Released biannually throughout the year, each themed issue will offer rich interviews and in-depth features, as well as vivid shoots and photo-spreads that makes this magazine aesthetically engaging. Relevant to what is contemporary and pleasing in its simplistic layout design, the Hypebeast magazine is your source for understanding fashion, culture and lifestyle.

The systems issue will explore not just why people create what they create, but how they do it and the processes and approaches that have led to success, growth, influence, and community. On top of the work itself, this means spotlighting artists’ networks, collaborators, and methodologies — whether they embrace an internal system for enhancing creativity like a meditation practice, or an organizational
Approach in the studio that informs how they innovate.

Bárbara Sánchez-Kane
Prix Workshop
Jah Jah Paris
Fantasy Explosion, Leisure Centre, And Intramural Shop
Rauw Alejandro
Cian Moore
Balming Tiger
Jiyong Kim
Kanye West
Ochiai Shohei
Flying Lotus
Dingyun Zhang
Proleta Re Art

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