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  • Hail Mary Magazine – Issue No.91: Wide Receiver’s Report for Men – Cover
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Hail Mary Magazine

Hail Mary Magazine – Issue No.91: Wide Receiver’s Report for Men

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Formation Book for Mr. Untouchable

Hail Mary Magazine is a magazine for men who want to live a manly life. For those who think they're just getting old, those who are fed up with the hypocrisy of men's fashion magazines, and those who have given up on never having another chance at life, here's a wonderful book you haven't seen yet. We bring you the world of Mr.Untouchable, an intellectual delinquent.

Wide Receiver’s Report for Men

01 Learning about intelligence and wildness from the editors of the Showa era. Yoshihisa Kiname edition
02 An American movie related to 97 that ranks among the top 100 in world box office revenue.
03 I want to keep a man's circulator in the room I sleep in.
04 Stroll through Utsunomiya, the “city of gyoza and light lines.”
05 I want to see that person's favorite sweatshirt.
06 This winter, wear a fisherman's sweater that will inspire your adventurous spirit.
07 I have been using Converse for half a century and enjoy coordinating with CT70.

Interview with Mr.Untouchable
This month's intellectual delinquent interview
Vol.91 Kenichi Okamoto

Terry Ito & Onosato Editor-in-Chief
A rival SUV representing the 90s is delivered today!

PIT-1 Cars and bikes that we incorporate
Incorporating old car culture CASE1 Naoki Kidoguchi / CASE2 Takashi Miyamoto
Putting it into an American muscle car CASE1 Shuhei Nomura / CASE2 Isamu Katayama
Putting it into a British sports car CASE1 Ken Yokoyama / CASE2 Osamu Edo
Inserting it into a classic Porsche CASE1 Hideto Irikawa / CASE2 Hitoshi Tsujimoto
Inserting into VW FLAT4 CASE1 Naoto Fujita / CASE2 Shinsuke Mukai

PIT-2 Cars and motorcycles that the HM family incorporates [Part 1]
Vanagon Party Makoto Suzuki, Hidetaka Akudo, Kazuhiko Miyata
Ryosuke Sudo
Shinji Takeda

PIT-3 Incorporate into garage life
CASE1 Yasufumi Takada
CASE2 Hiroyuki Nakai
CASE3 Koji Yoshioka

PIT-4 HM Motor Shokai
HMM carefully selected car catalog

PIT-5 Cars and motorcycles that the HM family incorporates [Part 2]
Arata Naya
McCoy Saito
Yoshihiro Ozawa
Keisuke Kasai
Yoshiaki Kubo
Takashi Takayama

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