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Depeche Golf

Depeche Golf – Issue 01

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International Golf & Culture Magazine – from Europe with Love for the Game

Golf is more than the same old equipment reviews or the next article about the PGA/LIV debate. For so many of us, golf is a lifelong passion, a way of connecting with nature, other people and ourselves. A way of travelling, of wondering, of making conversation – a way of life.

The printed magazine is a high-quality publication on 144 pages of finest paper – full of stories about the people and places that fuel our love for the game, as well as thought provoking invitations to reflect beyond the conventional limitations of its culture, politics and traditions. You can find it in our shop (link), where you will also find a small collection of merch and pieces from our first upcycle collection Red Flags Green.

We’re setting out to publish two print issues of Depeche Golf every year and thus help grow a community of golfers who enjoy a fresh take on the game. One that dives deeper into its aesthetics, diversity and culture. Based in Germany, we’ve put together a team of wonderful collaborators from all over Europe and the world.

Language: English