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Courier – Issue 42: Let’s Get Moving!

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Courier is your favourite bi-monthly publication at the heart of stories of start-up culture and modern business. The magazine looks at stories of how sectors are being disrupted and progressive approaches to work and lifestyle that are defining an emerging generation.

It’s time to get moving. Our August/September issue shows what’s next in the active economy – celebrating the fitness, health and wellness brands that are grinding hard and tapping into new opportunities.

The health-and-fitness space has evolved and the opportunities within it are endless. We dig into some of the most lucrative and fascinating, from indoor climbing and activewear for faith-based communities to hydration brands and microgyms – as well as the individuals that are changing the face of the industry. Check out the future of the booming Indian sportswear sector, discover tons of new fitness brands doing things differently, and see how forward-thinking dance studios are making a killing in media, apparel and even food and drink. Plus, learn about the daily routine of a modern, influential yoga entrepreneur, how to nail a collaboration in the sports sector, what it takes to launch a recycled surfboard brand, and why now’s the time to start a sauna company.

Also in the issue: meet upcycling designer Nicole McLaughlin, who’s making sustainable fashion fun – as well as holding big brands to account. Hear how the new generation of period-care companies are revamping an outdated sector. And, following a tough year for the food-and-drink industry, we look at the surprisingly rosy future of food halls.

Finally, work is changing fast and we all know it. So, we’ve put together a jam-packed, insight-filled guide outlining all the ways in which it’s evolving – along with the opportunities that smart business owners can take advantage of.

Step to it.

In this issue:

  • Healthy gains in hydration
  • Rethinking modest activewear
  • The business of dance
  • How to start a microgym
  • Brands to get you moving
  • Nailing sports club collabs

...and more.