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BRUTUS Magazine

BRUTUS Magazine – Number 986: New Cocktails

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Brutus (ブルータス) is a bi-weekly Japanese men’s magazine devoted to pop culture, lifestyles, and culture in Tokyo, Japan by Magazine House.


Attention: Comes with damages at the corners (I can send pictures)!

The era of the most delicious cocktails in history. It could be now.

Unknown makers are appearing one after another in the base spirits such as gin and tequila, and the materials such as liqueurs and herbs are becoming more diverse.
Cenozoic bartenders interact around the world and create flavors with their own stories, creating a buzz.

Cocktails are the drink of culture. Travel with Brutus to a world full of new discoveries.

table of contents

Special feature
Mixing It Up:
Now's the time for cocktails.

Now's the time to get out of town, open the bar and enjoy a cocktail.

Mix the world and create culture.
Three top bartenders in Japan.
Shingo Gokan/Hiroyasu Kayama/Shyuzo Nagumo

Tokyo Next Bar.
Quarter Room/NOMURA SHOTEN/THE HISAKA/Cocktail Bar Raven

I also have a cocktail!
Yukino Kishii, STUTS, Ryosuke Nagaoka/Azabu Racecourse/Ann Mika and others

Learn about the coolest spirits of the moment at a reliable bar.

Great research on Japan's national cocktail = lemon sour.

The latest information on alcohol-free.

Go on a new bar-hopping trip to Osaka & Nara.

There was a time when cocktails were forbidden.

Book in Book

A time when cocktails became free.

Fruit cocktails that Japan is proud of, here too.