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BRUTUS Interior Stylebook

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BRUTUS Special Edition Collection Book Living Space INTERIOR STYLEBOOK


Gohon Living Space Studies

Collector's Home Suite Home.
Takahiro Goko Swimsuit Department

A comfortable life created by waste.
Hitoshi Uchida / Fumika Uchida JANTIQUES Owner / FUMIKA_UCHIDA Designer

A house in a vast forest that continues to evolve through self-building.
Olaibi musician

An apartment where you can layer and decorate your favorite things.
Tetsuo Izumi / Mikiko Izumi ACTUS work / PATINA owner

A large workshop of furniture craftsmen and a small hideaway.
Ryosuke Kuratani nomado design

A small house overlooking the rice fields.
Hironobu Kagae Worked for a housing maker

I built the whole house because I wanted to make an ideal kitchen.
Tsurezure Hanako Editor and Writer

A bright and light thatched-roof house that is inherited as a culture, not as a cultural property.
Tenshin Toba Ceramic artist

Art de Vivre, a lakeside house.
Shinsaku Harada / Maki Harada Artist

<Forest Library>, where you live with 50,000 books.
Mari Hashimoto Writer, Editor

The awkward road became a house.
Shinichi Matsui Fly Fisherman

A lifestyle where handicrafts are spread to every corner, realized in Kagoshima, where the soil for manufacturing is abundant.
Yusuke Kido <ONE KILN> presided over, ceramic artist

An unplugged house with work in your life.
Morishiro Takaoka / Hiroko Takaoka, cook, TIMER inn

Appropriate margins complement things.
A condominium renovation that leaves plenty of space.
Osamu Mukai Framed craftsman

A year of the landscape architect Saito family.
Taichi Saito Landscape Architect

The house where So parents lived is used as a "material".
Ryo Okamoto Artist

Think of a wall.
Kenro Okuma CLASKA / Kazunori Hamana Ceramic artist /
Satoshi Kawamoto <GREEN FINGERS> /
Shoichi Tamaru, Azusa Hori <dieci> owner

A half-century house that will be inherited.
Blue Box House Design: Mayumi Miyawaki / Ishizu House Design: Kiyoshi Ikebe

The architect's own residence.
No. 1 symbiotic house Hiroshi Naito / Kitaminemachi house Jiro Murofushi

Learn from the architect's own residence.
Chicken House Kensuke Yoshida / House in Sagamihara Masamitsu Nozawa

Ideas for living in an apartment building by city dwellers.
Eijiro Takahashi / Mariko Nakazato Graphic Designer / Stylist
Yumiko Hara stylist Kaori Kikushima / Kazuki Nagasawa co-sponsored by knof
Kenji Watanabe Silenta Pop

What photographer Rinko Kawauchi asked for at home.
Rinko Kawauchi Photographer

Photographer Taro Hirano A house made with a house maker.
Taro Hirano Photographer

Free entry and exit barefoot. A salon where surfers from all over the world gather.
Takuji Masuda, film director and professional surfer

What would Schindler do?
Pamela Shamshiri Studio Jamshiri Representative, Designer

Back to the land Let's go back to the countryside.
Jay Carroll / Alison Carroll
Creative Director / Cooking Expert

William Eggleston's daily life.
William Eggleston Photographer

A "comfortable" house with art.
Sean Kelly / Mary Kelly Galalist

The Days with Neighborhood
Each way of life of the artists I met in downtown LA.