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BranD Magazine

BranD Magazine – Issue 66: Happy Neo Year

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BranD is an international bi-monthly magazine, focusing on multidisciplinary communication design from Hong Kong.

BranD defines a new way to look into Communication Design by presenting, researching and manifesting excellent works amongst Visual Art, Advertising, Product, Graphic, Interior, Architecture, etc. Every issue not only expends around numbers of high-quality visual features to seek the real content and values behind different forms of communications, but also includes in-depth observation articles andcolumns from the industry’s leading organizations and individuals. The Community section brings the designers, artists, art directors, marketing specialists, and business strategists together to seek the multidisciplinary creative methodology behind communication design for businesses.

BranD Magazine – Issue 66: Happy Neo Year

Neo-year, neo-design ideas! What does “neo” mean for creatives at present? Contrarian. Radical. Personal. Experimental. Some say forget the rules and have fun with what you are doing!😊Make mistakes, embrace accidents and say “shoo” to taboo. Even though avoiding déjà vu in design may sometimes create visuals that are awkward or unpopular in a conventional sense, yet cool aesthetics often emerge as a result☄️

Issue no.66 HAPPY NEO YEAR is the rendezvous of jamais vu. See you!

Suhyang Lee & Jihoon Ha
Marvin Kim
Shun Ishizuka
Wanwai Shum
Byungrok Chae
Samuel Finch
Kiel Danger Mustschelknaus
Scene Peng
Luc de Fouquet, Quentin Bodin & Lucas Meyer
Gouda Na
Laon Kim
Suzy Cham
Vanilla Chi
Mao Mao
Can Yang
Yui Takada
Ira Ivanova & Sebastien Millot
Chris Harnan
Phillip Kim
Ryu Mieno
Mitsuki Kashiwagi
Anna Kulachek

Following our recent collaboration with Type Directors Club we asked 15 judges of the TDC 69th Annual Competition about neo-ideas of typographic design.
Milo Kossowski
Linda Hintz
David Jalbert-Gagnier
Erika Reyes Angel
Kris Andrew Small
Halle Kho
Au Chon Hin
Kateryna Korolevtseva
Vincent Wagner
Huston Wilson
Simon Charwey
Ximena Jiménez
Anuthin Wongsunkakon
Naiman Ben Ayed
Xunchang Cheng

Cover art: Chris Harnan