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  • Backstage Talks – Issue 8: Keep Going? – Cover
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Backstage Talks

Backstage Talks – Issue 8: Keep Going?

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Backstage Talks is a magazine of casual, but in-depth dialogues on design and business. Our decisions shape and influence this complex world—to have a chance to make the right ones, we need to talk. 

What does it take to keep going? How can we make sure our work is sustainable in all senses of the word? How do we know what is enough in a world that demands constant growth? Do we have enough patience for the things that take time? And shouldn’t we just quit? We asked world-class creatives, including Jessica Hische, Pablo Rochat, Wilfrid Wood, DIA Studio and Emily Keegin, to help us figure it out.

Artwork Cover by Bráulio Amado. The magazine is published by Büro Milk.

Language: English