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Table Magazine

Table Magazine – Volume 03

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Table is a bi-annual food, travel and lifestyle magazine based in the United Kingdom.

With each issue we aim to celebrate the people shaping our food culture as well as the community. Accompanying these stories there will be a curated selection of travel + design features, recipes, restaurant highlights and thought provoking essays.

Salt is the star of this issue and shows up in almost every story and recipe; and we even asked Jennifer Cunningham, a self-proclaimed lover of salt, to share her devotion to the tangy spice in a form of a love letter. With every ingredient, we always look to delve a little deeper, so we brought in the experts from the Welsh salt company Halen Môn to share the knowledge that they’ve gained over the years. Our Creative Director, Ola O. Smit has brought us a moody photo essay full of festive recipes to get you through these cold winter months.

To remind us of those warmer months, we’ve also ventured out to Auburn, a restaurant in Los Angeles where Chef Eric Bost drew inspiration from comfortable, homely spaces for the design of his restaurant. We also visit Evangeline Harbury’s home, where she shares her travel photos from Cuba and regales us with stories of discovery, new friends and of course, food. We never miss a chance to bring light to the good thats being done in the food industry, our interview with chef Doug McMaster talks about his food journey and how he’s working to make restaurants greener.