Swenson Magazine – Issue 02


Published three times per year in beautiful print. Throughout high-end portraits of athletes and Tech entrepreneurs, personal interviews with the outdoor industry’s top brand executives, photographers, artists, and creative minds, Swenson changes the way we read about innovation, entrepreneurship and creativity. 


Chad DiNenna In 1997, Chad DiNenna et Andy Laats create Nixon, now considered a pioneering brand of specialist watches for skiing, snowing, surfing, and snowboarding. At the time, Nixon offered 7 different watch models. Today, Nixon offers 90 watch models, inspired by its community of surfers, skateboarders, artists and musicians.

Morgan Maassen is one of the most talented surf photographers of his generation. He has revolutionized our perceptions of surf photography. From Kelly Slater to Stephanie Gilmore, Morgan has the trust of the best professional surfers in the world. Thanks to his years of work, he became a world renowned photographer, described by industry magazines as nothing short of an inspiration and a major influence.

Michael Wystrach, ex-investment banker and now an entrepreneur and CEO of Freshly, has revolutionized FoodTech. Founding the american startup specialized in healthy meal delivery, Michael tends to encourage people to « eat healthier, feel better and live longer. »

Patrick Dempsey Happy family man, successful actor, experienced race car pilot, and attentive manager, Patrick Dempsey has a fast paced life. Today, former Dr. Derek Shepherd, alias “McDreamy” divides his life between the Hollywood film sets and race circuits.

Molly Benn Passionate by photography, fascinated by the image, Molly Benn is today in charge of the French community on Instagram. Users’ creativity, this notion of community as well as the impact of storytelling are two thematics we wanted to discuss with her.

Alex Strohl French photographer and entrepreneur Alex Strohl is considered as the most emblematic  representative of the Francophone community on Instagram. With nearly 2 millions of followers, he managed to turn his passion for photography into a small business.

Summit Often described as a mix between TED conferences and the Burning Man festival, Summit set the goal to create a better world. In 2013, co-founder Jeff Rosenthal bought Powder Mountain for 40 millions of dollars, a village situated at 3000 meters high in Utah where creativity, entrepreneurship and personal development are at the hearts of the community’s values.

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