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  • Standart Magazine – Issue 30: Bubbles, brutalism, and coffee – Cover
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Standart Magazine

Standart Magazine – Issue 30: Bubbles, brutalism, and coffee

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Standart is an award-winning print magazine dedicated to the beauty of coffee. Every issue is ram-packed with stories of some of the brightest minds in the world of coffee.

Our newest edition is inspired by a substance that one might not at first associate with coffee: metal.

Sure, some of the equipment used in high-end coffee shops is made of it, but, as in every issue of Standart Magazine, we like to take things a little further and attack themes from different angles, in the hope that the end result achieves that additional sense of polish and cohesion.

In our new issue, we spoke to Colombian coffee producer Daniela Duque Campos from Café La Rochela about the new fermentation methods she's employing on her farm to increase cup score and yield, and then about a different sort of fermentation with artisanal wine producer Nuria Renom.

While exploring two cutting-edge brewing techniques that are drawing the attention of the world's best baristas, we explore the Weiss Distribution Technique and a brand-new method of measuring coffee extraction, helping baristas to get the absolute best out of every brew.

To round it all out, we take you on a journey through Taiwan, and learn more about its coffee production, before detouring to Cape Town in South Africa, where you'll discover eye-watering natural beauty from the terraces of its many cafés.

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