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Standart Magazine

Standart Magazine – Issue 28: Opera, lions, and coffee

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Standart is an award-winning print magazine dedicated to the beauty of coffee. Every issue is ram-packed with stories of some of the brightest minds in the world of coffee.

Fresh, essential, and fun

From Thailand and Costa Rica, to Portland, Karachi and more, the stories in the new Standart highlight the common values and community spirit embodied by talented people working in coffee the world over.

In the new issue, we profile Aida Batlle, who gives us the inside scoop on the events and choices that led to her becoming one of coffee’s premier producers.

We take a look at how reform of and investment in the coffee seed sector could provide insurance for the future of coffee. We also explore the lengthy relationship between masculinity, capitalism, and strong coffee.

Sick of complicated pour-over techniques and recipes? We consider a simplified version that should help anyone get started with brewing a tasty cup. This, and much more.