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  • Standart Magazine – Issue 24: Scrubs, drums, and coffee – Cover
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Standart Magazine

Standart Magazine – Issue 24: Scrubs, drums, and coffee

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Standart is an award-winning print magazine dedicated to the beauty of coffee. Every issue is ram-packed with stories of some of the brightest minds in the world of coffee.

STANDART ISSUE 24 IS HERE, dear friends in caffeination!

Prime yourself for the 144 pages of first-rate writing and art. All the tips and tricks, facts and figures, and stories from the people behind the inexorable push towards a bright coffee future.

In the new Standart Issue 24, we compare and contrast types of roasting machine with Scott Rao, hear the story behind the start-up coffee subscription business The Coffeevine, and make the case for moving towards a more equitable coffee industry by dropping talk of percentages and speaking real numbers.

In this issues long-form essay, writer and academic Ben Wurgaft reflects on what cafés mean to us and how we’ve missed them.

To round it all out, we speak with Mikey Rinaldo of New Math Coffee about their approach to work and art, and their love of Asian coffees. Finally, we take a walk through the world’s most visited city, Bangkok, where coffee carries histories of alleged gods and resilience under their rule.