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  • Shoes Master Magazine – Volume 36 (AW 21) – Cover
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Shoes Master

Shoes Master Magazine – Volume 36 (AW 21)

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Shoes Master is a shoes and sneaker magazine.


Every issue through our networks in the industry, we feature the best articles and information about the latest new models. Since we started out in 2004, we have been releasing issues twice a year in spring and autumn.

Special feature "2021 Fall / Winter Sneakers Latest Topics"

Since its inception in the spring of 2004, the shoes and sneaker magazine "SHOES MASTER" has been published twice a year at the end of March and the end of September. This issue, which is the 36th issue of the series, is entitled "2021 Fall / Winter Sneakers Latest Topics" and picks up the topics of this season that sneaker lovers should know. We will deliver the latest topics of this fall and winter, including a collaboration model of attention by popular brands. A total of 276 pages.

NIKE SPORTSWEAR / Clarks Originals / le coq sportif / adidas Originals / ASICS SportStyle

"The present of custom culture"
Custom sneakers that modify existing sneakers to create your own pair. It used to be a secret pleasure for some sneakers, but in recent years it has expanded its base due to the diversification of sneaker culture and the spread of custom tools, and custom works by creators with advanced technology and outstanding sense are art works. It is gaining citizenship as a new way to enjoy sneakers. What is the custom sneaker scene now? And where are we going in the future? Through interviews with customizers and collectors who are leading the scene, we will consider the current state of custom culture.

"Recommendation for C-class sneakers"
Sneakers aren't the only rare items that get high prices on the market. Rather, finding your own favorite from unpopular models that aren't generally noticed or minor brands that no one is looking at is the ultimate pleasure of sneakers. Nagai turned away from the "A-class" sneakers that everyone wanted, and dared to focus on the "C-class" sneakers, and after being obsessed with their charm, even published a book called "C-class sneaker collection." Here are some of Mikiji's gem collections.

adidas ENERGY / New Balance / Mizuno Sports Style / VANS MTE

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