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  • Seed Magazine – Volume 04 – Cover
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Seed Magazine

Seed Magazine – Volume 04

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Celebrating food, craft, travel and sustainable living.

Seed is a biannual magazine, founded and edited by Carole Bamford. At its heart is the belief that we need to live sustainably and consciously. Its philosophy is to lead by example: to gently inspire readers to make small changes with their own choices so that together we can have a wider impact on the future of the planet – like sowing a seed that will grow and flourish into a plant.

Our fourth volume of Seed reflects on the positives to have emerged from this period of crisis. We consider the communities that have flourished, born out of a desire to tackle its challenges collectively - and those that were torn apart. We learn how musicians were forced to find new means of reaching their audiences and fill the void left by the empty auditoriums. Elsewhere, we respond to the growing interest in engaging with nature, consider the effects of the choices we make daily, shine a light on the world's healthiest communities, and share simple, seasonal recipes with a focus around reducing food waste.

Language: English
Number of pages: 104