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Sandwich Magazine

Sandwich Magazine – Edition No. 7: Ice Cream Sandwich

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Sandwich is written as a celebration of the often overlooked, but universally beloved culinary creation, the sandwich.

Sandwich magazine takes an iconic sandwich and uses it as a lens for cultural essays, features, photo stories and more.

When we started planning this, the Ice Cream Sandwich Issue back in January it didn’t seem like we’d ever see blue skies again. But now it’s summer, and this, the Ice Cream Sandwich is made to be read outside in the sunshine.

For such a cheerful, happy sandwich we knew we should get someone who lives for fun and joyful things on the cover. Step forward benny blanco – the multi-award winning, super producer behind some of the most uplifting and successful pop songs in the last decade. Benny exudes fun and good times in everything he does, and he’s very handy around the kitchen too. You may have seen him hosting his anarchic cooking shows with best bud and chef Matty Matheson – he’s perfect for Sandwich Magazine. We spent a fantastic morning at his house in LA, force feeding him ice cream sandwiches, talking about the relationship between music and food, and how he cooks for everyone he works with. Then we covered him in edible glitter for the epic cover shot.

Elsewhere in the magazine we go deep into why eating ice cream fires the same dopamine receptors as sex, drugs and rock ’n’ roll, we look at how different countries make their ice cream sandwiches and we pay a visit to the world’s number one ice cream van manufacturer, Whitby Morrison’s in Crewe, UK.

We also take a deep dive into how politicians use ice cream to get your vote, we put our favourite ice cream flavour ingredients under the microscope and Nikal and Arjun Mahendro, co-founders of cult LA eatery, Badmaash tell us why they use the world’s most popular biscuit, India’s Parle-G as the bread in their signature ice cream sandwich.

Language: English