Positive News – Number 94 (Jul-Sep 2018)


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Good journalism about good things
Positive News is the inspiring current affairs magazine. We publish quality, independent journalism about progress and possibility. Positive News magazine offers inspiring stories from across the globe, as well as high-impact photography and illustration, and exquisite design and production.

Sisterhood and sexual rights in Kenya

We meet the Kenyan women who are proudly campaigning to improve reproductive rights in their communities. They are tackling female genital mutilation too, by developing alternative rites of passage.

Other features include: Mental health first aid • Gun politics: the US teens on the frontline of change • What makes Brits optimistic? • Normalising breastfeeding • Recycling entire buildings • The frack-free campaigners • Swapping traditionally gendered jobs 

Special cover series: this issue features four different front covers

Published in July 2018

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