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Pen – Number 518

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Born in 1997 in Tokyo, Pen [ペン] is the most influential media reference for meaningful culture and lifestyle in Japan.

Since 2016, our international edition of the infamous Tokyo-based magazine has been delivering stories of Japan-inspired creativity, bringing together and showcasing the very best in arts, culture, design, food, and travel.

This issue:

Special feature: Coffee and green, sometimes podcasts

What many people realize is important in the prolonged corona illness is to find "enjoyment" in their daily lives.
What you touch, see, say, and hear every day.
Coffee and green that soothe your senses and soothe your mind.
Audio content such as podcasts that enrich your time.
All of them bring joy to our daily lives.

Kenichi Takitō talks about coffee and plants as daily moisture
Creators' life with coffee and greenery

One day dining table with coffee
A cup that is brewed on purpose creates a margin of mind and a range of human beings ─ Yuta Koseki
Tips for brewing deliciously at home, taught by professionals
From morning till night! Enjoy with the arranged recipes
Travel the world at a cafe in Tokyo
YES / NO chart where you can find your favorite taste
Order the gem of that store to your home

Everyday life with flowers and greenery enriches the mind ─ Yuki Maeda
The shape of the clumped plant and the poisonous flowers inspire us ─ Asahi Uchida x Taichi Mukai
No longer art !? A rare plant recommended by a well-known store, where you can immerse yourself in the joy of love
The proud green is a special bowl that skillfully creates individuality.
"BONSAI" is the ultimate vintage that has been passed down from generation to generation.
The secret of how to decorate a house with professional guidance

The future of media as seen by the leader of the times, the famous P (producer) ─ Nobuyuki Sakuma x Yoshifumi Hashimoto
Why podcasts, the old and new platform, are so popular now
The endless possibilities of podcasts felt by popular show distributors
The aim of radio stations to participate in the Warring States period with their own brand
Through "Hypmai", we will compete with individual power ─ Kohei Amasaki x Subaru Kimura x Haruki Ishiya
How to get started with podcasts in manga

2nd special feature:
I want to go to the design sauna!

Intimate Diary


Expanded the field of activity,
Louis vuitton timepiece

Pen ’s Dialogue
Takuya Haneda ― CHANEL J12

Pen ’s Dialogue
Beauden Barrett ― TUDOR BLACK BAY

In addition, serialization etc.