Oak – The Nordic Journal – Issue 8: The Innovation Issue


Oak – the Nordic Journal is a biannual magazine with an international reach that covers Nordic food, design, craftsmanship and lifestyle – and the people who create it.

The eighth issue of Oak introduces the Nordic innovators who are breaking new ground across design, art, food and culture. Highlights include; design entrepreneurs Mette and Rolf Hay, rebel chef Christian Puglisi’s pioneering new destination the Farm of Ideas, Tina Seidenfaden Busck’s reimagined design gallery, The Apartment, and Maria Foerlev of Etage Project on the power of curation – alongside cult craft beer microbrewery Mikkeller and mischievous Danish art trio Superflex. Volume eight brings together the Nordic protagonists who are bravely venturing into uncharted territory, while uncovering the creative practices that allow innovation to thrive in the north.

A perfect bound hardcover edition with FSC-approved uncoated paper.

178 pages.



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