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  • Milk Decoration – Number 34 – Cover
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Milk Decoration

Milk Decoration – Number 34

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Created in September 2012, the quarterly magazine MilK Decoration aims to inspire contemporary, urban and 2.0 tribes in decoration, design, travel and the art of living.

It is a strange pagoda-like building set in the middle of the woods. A secret sanctuary, a thousand leagues from the hustle and bustle of the world, that the creatives Ruxandra and Christian Halleroed have erected with the aim of giving themselves a break from their urban daily life and giving their 5-year-old daughter the opportunity to make the most of it. nature experience.

Sharing. Heritage. Transmission.

It is these essential values ​​that we have wanted to celebrate throughout these pages.

The legacy, following in the footsteps of George Nakashima, America's greatest woodworker, whose children aged 65 and 78 continue his quest for honest craftsmanship. Sharing, focusing on the work of the young Emma Bruschi who, with her straw clothes, made her attachment to the land the source of her creative practice, giving back to agricultural know-how their letters of nobility. Finally, transmission, by giving the floor to designer Dirk Vander Kooij who has made recycled plastic the raw material for his pieces of furniture made to last for several generations.

In these uncertain times, the poetry of material things that we advocate in our pages, edition after edition, is revealed differently, more deeply, more intimately. While the wide world continues on its mad course ...