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  • Milk Decoration Hors-Série – Number 13 – Cover
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Milk Decoration

Milk Decoration Hors-Série – Number 13

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Created in September 2012, the quarterly magazine MilK Decoration aims to inspire contemporary, urban and 2.0 tribes in decoration, design, travel and the art of living.

Milk Decoration celebrates the material, the creativity of those who work to sublimate it.

This new special edition dedicated to French know-how highlights the beauty of the gesture, the intelligence of the hand, the heart at work.

Through a subjective repertoire of the talents of the time who twist the secular know-how in favor of their contemporary vision, this issue profiles an inventory of the craft revival in France. Whether independent designers or manufacturers, we are interested in those who develop modern aesthetics, objects dedicated to our lifestyles today.

Crafts are too often reduced to a heritage vision, it was important to us to highlight contemporary creation, the exploration of new formal expressions. Awareness of environmental issues has also guided us. By setting out to discover the high places where the excellence of French know-how is shaped. Highlighting how contemporary creatives incorporate these best practices into their interior design projects. Through the decorative currents of the moment too, which shine the light of the work of those who have chosen to make the material a work of art. And then documenting and testifying, our core business, to this renewed interest in crafts, manual skills, and more generally the decorative arts, with the enlightening words of Hervé Lemoine, director of the Mobilier national.

This special issue is dedicated to those who celebrate, perpetuate and promote French craftsmanship.

French language only!