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  • Makeshift – Issue 15: Boundaries – Cover
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Makeshift – Issue 15: Boundaries

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Makeshift is a field guide to hidden creativity. From homemade aircraft in Nigeria to drug smugglers in Mexico, Chinese hackers pushed up against the Great Firewall to Haitian communities pushing back against marginalization, we believe ingenuity can be found everywhere if you know where to look. Let us tag along on your creative pursuit.

Attention: Comes with damages!

Makeshift is part of a new breed of magazines passionate about their content, form, and community. We don’t rehash the news; we share stories that test the limits of our far-flung contributors. Makeshift is a proud member of the Little Magazine Coalition and the Indie Publisher Club.

New lives for lifejackets and lifeboats left behind on the migrant trail in Greece. DIY barricades to keep ISIS at bay in Kurdistan. Shed-built spacecraft in Australia. Border shopping arbitrage in Brazil/Paraguay. 

Our new Boundaries issue features innovative ways to Cross, Confront, or Create lines in the imagined sand.