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Hotshoe – Issue 208: Martin Parr

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HOTSHOE is the UK's leading contemporary photography magazine, published 4 times a year HOTSHOE is repeatedly the first to spot and support innovative work. Our accessible features are not only the product of a powerful visual aesthetic, but also strong writing and intelligent design.

Hotshoe has been in print since 1977. Renowned as a cutting edge photography magazine, it is well known in an industry that has changed dramatically since the 1970s. In 2002, Hotshoe was reinvented as a showcase of photographic portfolios, with a multitude of voices and opinion that include some of the most influential names in photography today, writing in one of the few truly independent publications, and distributed throughout the world.

Each issue is beautifully produced and collectable, focusing on a movement, person or moment in the photographic canon, ranging from New York Street Photography to iconic British photographers from the ‘70s, and themes such as At Home that fit the times we live in now. Portfolios regularly include influential artists such as Diane Arbus, Larry Sultan, Todd Hido, Nan Goldin, Mark Steinmetz and Alec Soth as well as previously unpublished images by the likes of Chris Killip and Joel Meyerowitz, appealing to a wide range of creatively minded individuals.

Hotshoe Magazine is proud to announce its latest Issue 208: Martin Parr.

One of the most important figures in British photography, Parr is well known for documenting the English social classes. A prominent member of Magnum Photos since 1994, he changed how we see British society and documentary photography.

With the help of the Martin Parr Foundation, we've put together a collection of portfolios from his vast body of work, as well as an extended interview by Aaron Schuman, personal essays from his contemporaries including Alec Soth, Anna Fox, and Trent Parke, and a new story by Adam Ganz in response to Parr's Autoportraits in Crude Metaphors.