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Hodinkee Magazine

Hodinkee Magazine – Volume 10

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The HODINKEE Magazine examines watches and the world that surrounds them, as HODINKEE always has, but also looks at collectible cars, architecture, travel, and style. It brings a new dimension to HODINKEE, perfectly complementing the online coverage we do every day.

Our premium print journal is back for its 10th volume!

That’s right, ten issues of stunning photography, compelling interviews, and top-notch journalism. To celebrate the milestone (double-digits ain’t nothing) we've pulled out all the stops with articles from your favorite HODINKEE editors and contributors.

Highlights include a Reference Points article by Jack Forster on the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak, industry veteran Joe Thompson recalls the time he asked Nick Hayak Sr. about the Marie Antoinette watch, the legendary No. 160, the most complicated watch Breguet ever made. And Watches in the Wild host Cole Pennington's story about a mysterious timepiece he bought after visiting North Korea.

We may be getting older but we’re keeping our finger on the pulse with a profile of one of the brightest stars of independent watchmaking, Rexhep Rexhepi of Akrivia, and a roundup of 10 "New Kids" in the watch world. We head to California to explore watches in the outdoors, before taking a look inside the famous Zenith Attic – yes, that attic – where the El Primero was saved for posterity. Then we tasked 10 photographers from around the world with capturing the essence of one cool watch. We can't wait to show you what they came up with.

There's something for everyone in the HODINKEE Magazine, Volume 10, from longtime watch aficionados to those who are just discovering the hobby. And just wait till you see the cover. Happy reading.