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  • Hail Mary Magazine – Issue No.96: Materialistic Desires – Cover
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Hail Mary Magazine

Hail Mary Magazine – Issue No.96: Materialistic Desires

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Formation Book for Mr. Untouchable

Hail Mary Magazine is a magazine for men who want to live a manly life. For those who think they're just getting old, those who are fed up with the hypocrisy of men's fashion magazines, and those who have given up on never having another chance at life, here's a wonderful book you haven't seen yet. We bring you the world of Mr.Untouchable, an intellectual delinquent.

Special feature: Material desires over this period

Wide Receiver’s Report for Men
01 Learning about intelligence and wildness from Showa era musicians. Edited by Seiji Ozawa
02 Brad Pitt continues to evolve with “Plan B.”
03 I want to see the “spring beauty” that person chose.
04 I want to eat the most delicious toast at the store or at home.
05 Dad's health measures include blood tests at the clinic.
06 5 interesting books recommended by HM editorial department.
07 Rugged men's love cat stories.

Interview with Mr.Untouchable
This month's intellectual delinquent interview
Vol.96 Junichi Inagaki

PART1 Psychology of material desires

PART2 Object of material desire
Garage Gear/Vintage Rolex/Outer Gear
Denim gear/film camera/lighting gear
Music gear/Living gear/Health & relaxation gear
lucky item

PART3 What that person wants now
Terry Ito/Ken Yokoyama/Shota Horie/Zip Stevenson
Shinji Takeda / Takashi Takayama / Takahiro Miura / McCoy Saito / Miyoko Asada
Hiroshi Fujikado

PART4 Please tell us what satisfied your material desires!
Taisuke Fujigaya/Josh Sahlin/Kazutomo Makabe
Dave Spector/Takeo Nakahara/Kenichi Mearashi/Hiroshi Tsuchiya
Takuji Mikida / Hiroshi Suzuki / Shuhei Hasado / Hajime Inoue / Tetsu Takasuka / Harunori Sanekawa
Katsutaka Ikuzu / Shuhei Nomura / Kazuhiko Miyata / Goro Sasaki / Shunsuke Hirota
Norihiko Fujisawa / Yoshihiro Tsubo and Ryuichi / Hitoshi Tsujimoto / Tatsuya Yano / Junsuke Obi
Daichi Sunouchi / Shigeki Matsuoka / Toshio Tsuchiya / Takeshi Okuyama / Hitoshi Kono
Hideki Togi

marketing of material possessions
vintage rolex edition
Film camera edition
Vintage American cars

PART5 My material desires go to the next level of everyday gear.
Minoru Onosato

PART6 Catalog of material desires over this period

Other regular pages

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