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  • GO OUT – Volume 169: Autumn’s Commitments  – Cover
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GO OUT – Volume 169: Autumn’s Commitments

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One & Only Outdoor Fashion Magazine


The November issue of GO OUT vol.169 "Autumn's Commitments", released on Friday, September 29th, features a full range of excellent autumn outdoor fashion items and "tough wear and gear" that are especially durable. I have collected.

In addition to the ``High Sensitivity Camper STYLE View'' and ``Gear-like Car View'' that highlight the owner's commitment, which we found at GO OUT CAMP Kansai, we also have the GO OUT Online ``Autumn'' special order from popular and talented brands. "Collaboration Festival" and we will deliver a lot this month as well.

Furthermore, this month's issue comes with a limited-edition "3 in 1 cutlery" with the "Horinishi" logo, which is synonymous with outdoor spices! Also known as a spoke, it has three cutlery functions: spoon, fork, and knife. It is a versatile item that is easy to use both camping and at home.

The flat four-toothed fork has a jagged part on the side that can be used as a knife, and the front side has the hiragana logo for ``Horinishi'' and the stamp-like logo for ``Horikishi,'' and the back side has the GO logo. Engraved with the OUT logo.

Made of stainless steel with a total length of approximately 205 mm, it is the perfect size for adults to use. This is a limited edition supplement that can only be obtained in this month's issue of Go Out, so don't miss out on this opportunity!

<Autumn specialties. 〉
Featured collaborations, anniversaries, brand debuts...must-see items packed with attention to detail.

<Autumn special collaboration festival>
A lineup of 10 special items unique to GO OUT Online!

The best thing about it is that it is durable! tough items.

〈Camping gear used by masters. 〉
Both sense and function are impeccable. Take a look at the carefully selected camping gear!

007 GO OUT Choice
032 Autumn specialties.
052 GO OUT ONLINE Autumn special collaboration festival
072 "Toughness"
092 Camping gear used by experts.
111 GO OUT Choice
122 BRAND PICK UP “Horinishi”
129 GO OUT CAMP Kansai vol.9 Report
129 PART 1 Highly sensitive campers taken at the venue.
132 PART 2 Blessed with beautiful autumn weather, the autumn camp season has begun.
134 PART 3 Take a look at gear-like cars that highlight the owner's commitment.
136 GO OUT Livin’
141 Information & Present
143 Shop List
146 Fishing Club
152 Lookin’ Back on Trail
154 Ryoji Honma's One Size Fits All
160 A Beautiful Day ~Festival Photography~