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  • GO OUT – Volume 152: Camp na, Style – Cover
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GO OUT – Volume 152: Camp na, Style (06/22)

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One & Only Outdoor Fashion Magazine


In the June issue of GO OUT vol.152 released on 4/28 (Thursday), a major feature is the style and gear that will liven up the "camping mood" that has finally begun the season, entitled "CAMP na, STYLE." In addition, the annual "Summer Collaboration Festival" by GO OUT Online will be held at the same time, and we will deliver a lot of contents this month as well!

<"Like" is fully open !! Camping style. >
Since it is just before the holidays and early summer, we have been researching the unique and fashionable camping styles of outdoor play lovers. From bike packing to staying in the car, bonfire and cooking, there are 10 people and 10 colors to enjoy. Don't miss the master's best camping gear!

Go camping with comfortable and good-looking clothing!
We have carefully selected and collected items that comfortably support your camping life, not only for functions such as measures against various environmental changes in the field and waza-ari gimmicks, but also for looks!

Introducing the latest works from domestic and foreign attention camping gear brands!
We have finally entered the full-scale camping season this year, but are you ready for the gear !? If you have all the gear, be sure to check out the latest unique and stylish camping gear this season. please look!

<Style & Function! Gear selection by masters. >
With the arrival of the best season to enjoy outdoor activities comfortably, I visited the tent of a camping master who was one of the first to go out to the outdoor field and told me about camping gear that I could really rely on and used!

<GO OUT Online Summer Collaboration Festival !>
This season, we have prepared a lot of custom-made items!
In addition to T-shirts, sunglasses, and sandals that will update your summer outfit, we have also completed the gear that is indispensable for camping and the custom car that will be the first collaboration in GO OUT Online! It's a self-confident work that you can't take your eyes off with the details that are typical of GO OUT.

This month's brand pickup is "Fresh Service," a treasure trove of reliable items. I visited a creative director who is an idea man who works on brands, looking for a reason to produce many products that can reach the itchy place.

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