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  • GO OUT – Volume 149: Cars are also Outdoor STYLE – Cover
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GO OUT – Volume 149: Cars are also Outdoor STYLE (03/22)

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In GO OUT vol.149 "Cars are also Outdoor STYLE." Released on 1/28 (Fri.), the focus is on "Outdoor STYLE, choosing a car." In addition, we will introduce the cool car GOODS and "Enjoy your hobbies, indoor style."

<Cool! Good function! Look at the car of the masters. >
It's cool to see a person who uses one car that looks good on Jibun as well as the status and performance of the car itself. Take a look at the car style of such "cool! Function!" Masters.

Because it is a car that expands the driving force infinitely, we want to devise ways to make traveling more enjoyable and comfortable by sticking to the peripheral gear. I tried to collect gear around the car that enriches the road trip that goes by car!

<Outdoor style, NEW CAR catalog. >
It seems that attractive new cars are on standby one after another this winter, such as brush-up model changes and the appearance of new models, so we selected the cars that interest us from an outdoor perspective !!

<Forefront of custom cars for outdoor play !! @ Tokyo Outdoor Show & Auto Salon 2022>
At the Tokyo Outdoor Show, which was co-sponsored at the same venue as the Tokyo Auto Salon, which was held for the first time in two years, a large number of outdoor-flavored cars were gathered!

<Indoor style, where you can enjoy your hobbies. >
Camping and fishing, a room full of bicycles and outdoor gear, a space surrounded by clothes, greens and whatever you like. A fun interior with a hobby that is longed for by hobbyists. See the fashionable interior situation of outdoor enthusiasts who practice such house building.

013 GO OUT Choice
030 The car is also an outdoor style.
032 PART 1 Cool! Good function! See the masters' favorite cars.
066 PART 3 Outdoor style, NEW CAR catalog.
076 PART 4 ​​Outdoor play custom car forefront !! @ Tokyo Outdoor Show & Auto Salon 2022
086 PART 5 A used car pickup with tricks that makes you want to ride now!
090 Indoor style to enjoy your hobbies.
See the fashionable interior situation of outdoor enthusiasts.
103 GO OUT Choice
108 BRAND PICK UP "muraco"
114 TOKYO OUTDOOR SHOW 2022 Report
124 GO OUT mail order
132 Information & Present
135 Shop List
140 fishing club
142 Choja Onsen Yutorikan
144 ALEX Hotel
146 Lookin'Back on Trail
148 Ryoji Homma's One Size Fits All
152 A Beautiful Day ~ Festival Photography ~