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Gear Patrol Magazine – Issue 11: The Craftsmanship Issue

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Gear Patrol is a New York City-based lifestyle publication focused on the intersection of products and life’s pursuits.


Craftsmanship has become a widely applied descriptor to apply to everything from the sartorial to the gastronomical. But its ubiquity has succeeded in muddying the waters, leading us to wonder, ‘what is craftsmanship in 2019?’

Inside Issue Eleven, we pull back the curtain on craftsmanship of all kinds while also contextualizing it with the human force behind it, from the mind that helped shape Apple’s look and feel to the wizards inside The North Face who have devised a brand new textile that is already being heralded as the fabric of the future and the man who can make or break the future of any whiskey on the planet. Here’s what else you’ll find inside Issue Eleven, the Craftsmanship Issue:

The Guide: Explore the surprisingly divisive world of aftermarket watch modification, what puts the ‘craft’ in craft whiskey (and whether you’re getting what you’re paying for), and learn how three global denim experts care for their favorite selvedge. Turn to Testing to see what seasonal gear we’re putting through the wringer, or ogle the products that made our Wish List.

Features: Discover how the grandson of Henry Matisse turned a 2,000-year-old craft into an Instagram phenomenon, a squad of smiths is forging weapons for the zombie apocalypse and machinists in Hoosier country are building bespoke motorcycles one piece at a time.

Intel: Fading arts are being kept alive by die-hards, open-source schematics are reshaping how we’ll interact with automobiles, and DIY was never more doable. Check Intel for everything you need to know about where craftsmanship stands today.

Get all this and much more with Issue Eleven, The Craftsmanship Issue.

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