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Faire Magazine

Faire Magazine – Issue 01

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A quarterly independent print magazine celebrating creative stories from around the world.

Our debut of FAIRE features 13 beautiful long-form stories celebrating the creative lives and work of a diverse group of artists, artisans and creatives from around the world.

Issue One features stories about American fiber artist Trish Andersen (On Cover); Italian photographer & ceramicist Zaira Zarotti; American fashion designer Christine Alcalay, French hatmaker Jon Cha of Agave Road Hats; Irish artist Fiona Cribben, Swedish oyster diver Lotta Klemming; British designer Donna May Lynch of Studio Ashay; Australian baker Gillian Bell; Floral designer Lucy Hunter; French artist Lydia Rump; Scottish-German Art curator and designer Katharina Marie Herold and Canadian artist & creative mentor Kim Klassen.


Trish Anderson photographed by Chia Chong. Trish Anderson is an interdisciplinary artist born and raised in Dalton, Georgia, who creates tufted art from her studio in Savannah, Georgia.

Katharina Herold photographed by Lise Winter. Katharina is a half-German, half-Scottish art collector, curator, consultant, gallery-owner and founder of Heroldian Art Concepts based in Hamburg.

Fiona Cribben was an Irish artist and writer who created ‘Lifewreaths’ from found objects to honour both life and death. She documented her experience with stage 4 breast cancer with staggeringly powerful words about life, love and healing through creativity.

Jon Cha photographed by Anna Malmberg. Jean Charles Schwartzmann, a multi-faceted creative who goes by JonCha, is a French composer, playwright, actor, writer, and most recently hat-maker who creates one-of-a-kind Western hats inspired by the cowboys of the Camargue.

Lucy Hunter aka The Flower Hunter is a photographer and floral artist based in Northern Wales. Through her work, she explores the many different ways to meld the wild and chaotic with the cultivated and tamed to make impactful statements about the world.

Christine Alcalay photographed by Tiff Pemberton & Benjamin Racsa. Christine Alcalay is a New York City-based fashion designer and business owner who now owns her own eponymous clothing brand, making clothes for “the woman who has a story to tell.”

Lotta Klemming photographed by Olivia Thorden Rubie is a Swedish Oyster diver whose new book 'Vildplockade ostron', created in collaboration with photographer Olivia, has been winning awards since its publication in late 2020.

Kim Klassen is a photographer, blogger, and graphic artist. Kim runs an online artist community and creative program called The Inner Circle from her studio in downtown Rivers, Manitoba, Canada.

Lydia Rump, photographed by Marta Puglia. Lydia Rump is a French designer, artist, and curator in Nîmes, France, who creates a variety of art - objects, drawings, quilts, and sculptures—using paper and textiles.

Gillian Bell, photographed by Annabelle Hickson. Gillian Bell is a Brisbane-based artisanal baker who travels the world baking extraordinary cakes which serve as a conduit for memories, each one a love story, reminding us to live in the moment.

Native Venetian Zaira Zarotti is a fine art photographer, visual storyteller, writer, and ceramicist living and working in the Venetian countryside.

Donna May Lynch photographed by James Borley. Fashion designer Donna May Lynch owns Studio Ashay, a working fashion and textiles design studio and store in Frome, Somerset, UK.

Secret Sources. Ruth Ribeaucourt an Irish photographer, editor and textile collector takes us off the beaten tracks to explore the best kept secret antique & vintage textile dealers at the Paris Flea Market.