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Eatable – Volume 06: Holiday

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Australia’s premium destination for recipes, cooking tips and drinking advice from Australia’s best chefs, sommeliers and renowned food director Lisa Featherby.

We are thrilled to share with you our newest Eatable edition, Holiday. We have changed things up a little and created a much bigger magazine for you, with 120 pages of holiday-inspired food, drinks and travel to take you through to 2022.

othing evokes a sense of pure, idealised contentment quite like the warmest and most convivial season. A soft and balmy breeze, skin tingling under the heat of the sun, the icy chill of the first dive under a wave - these are, arguably, universal sense memories.

This issue encompasses all that this season has to offer; gathering with beloved family and good friends, enjoying long lunches laden with the freshest local produce and seafood served simply, seeking out shade and sun in equal measures, exploring spectacular natural surrounds and lounging by water - be it pools, oceans, rivers or streams. Generally living la dolce vita as best we can.

Which brings us to Italy, as seen in our tour of Sicily’s smaller islands from writer Katie Parla, and the sweetest desserts that make for a perfect end to a Mediterranean meal, such as ricotta, pear and hazelnut layer cake from the Amalfi coast and ice-cool rosemary fior di latte from Letitia Clarke’s book.

Also in the Holiday Edition:

  • Chef Tom Walton shares his salad recipes, inspired by the classics.
  • Dinosaur Designs founder and artist Louise Olsen shares her top picks for visiting New York in summer.
  • James Thompson of Food Feels shares snapshots from his visit to Alfonsina in Oaxaca City, Mexico.
  • Penny Lawson talks about island cheeses.
  • Sustainable seafood recipes from Bar Elvina chef Jesse McTavish.
  • Chef Dave Pynt takes his wood-fire skills from Singapore’s Burnt Ends to the blue waters of the Maldives to showcase modern barbecue.
  • When it comes to holiday drinking, we’ve got you covered with the best cocktails to enjoy poolside from cocktail whizz Ed Loveday.
  • Wines to explore from Banjo Harris Plane from Good Pair Days.


120 pages of ad-free editorial created by two food and design creatives out of love for what they do. Printed on quality, premium 115gsm paper stock by our friends in Sydney.