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Dispensa Magazine

Dispensa Magazine – Issue 12

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Dispensa is a biannual independent bookazine created in 2013 by Martina Liverani. Dispensa is the first independent Italian bookazine that narrates the world of food through stories of people and stories of food. It is printed on paper made from food waste and contains no advertising: just original texts and professional photographs. It is a magazine to be collected. A biannual that in each issue addresses a different theme, telling the best of Italy and the world. There are no recipes or reviews, just people, products and lands, art and culture.

Dispensa looks at the world through the eyes of food, portraying it in a unique and original style.

This issue:

The opposite of phobia is filìa. Both are words of Greek derivation which mean respectively fear and friendship. Similar in form, opposite in meaning: to overcome the phobia, you need filìa.

Friendship is an antidote to fear in these new and fragile times that are upsetting our habits and security. Let us allow closeness, generosity, love to invade all areas, including the economic and logistical ones that concern the production, processing and distribution of food. From the most remote fields to the most prestigious and fashionable tables, from modern online delis to neighborhood markets. Because food has a material and productive dimension, but it also has a sentimental and collective dimension: food is a bond. And we started from here to weave the ranks of this issue of Dispensa.

Lucio Cavazzoni, founder - among other things - of Good Land, said that: “We do not need short supply chains but close and affectionate companies, widespread entrepreneurial culture and knowledge. This is the time to move from supply chains to spinning. To take care, become friends, cultivate passion ". We totally agree with him and therefore we have decided to host four formidable stories that we made together with Lucio and Rita Brugnara and that give this Pantry and all of you breaths of fresh and new air.

When we finished it we realized that it is a number full of women and their stories. A case that is obviously not a coincidence: that the time has finally come for a more kind, loyal, friend, close and - maybe - female world? I really hope so. Enjoy the reading.

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