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Courier – Issue 41: Do the Hustle!

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Courier is your favourite bi-monthly publication at the heart of stories of start-up culture and modern business. The magazine looks at stories of how sectors are being disrupted and progressive approaches to work and lifestyle that are defining an emerging generation.

It’s time to make it happen! Our June/July issue digs into the people and brands doing things differently, plus new ways to make money and big opportunities to get into right now.

There are plenty of clichés about how to make your first million, but often it’s the most unconventional paths that can get you there. We’ve put together a guide packed with insights on where the opportunities are, highlighting the pitfalls to avoid and the business owners making it work – from the founder of a fast-growing haircare business in Estonia to the Gambian migrant building a cushion empire in Naples. Plus: the big business of secondhand fashion, managing a business through hyper growth, a mentality toolkit for dealing with success, and how to make money on social media.

Also in the issue: is the male beauty industry finally all grown-up and ready to move beyond basic grooming? Brands are slashing creative budgets, but animation has been a rare bright spot – we explain why. Discover how innovators in ‘deathcare’ are reimagining the industry. Learn how zigging where other burger brands zagged helped In-N-Out win in a heavily saturated market. And meet the man who built the ‘Wikipedia for Gen Z’.

In Workshop, find out how to boost your SEO, start a vertical farming business, use Pinterest to build your brand, scale your consumer-facing company and adapt your office for a hybrid future. In Sweden, we meet the founders of bedware brand Magniberg for a peek into their home life and inspirations. In Hong Kong, we go roller-skating with the founders of skate shop Madame Quad. In New York, we talk axes with the founder of outdoor lifestyle brand Best Made. And we profile 14 independent fashion brands from Bali to Spain with a super-fresh point of view.

In this issue:

  • A special guide to hustling hard
  • Big ideas, inspiration and opportunities
  • The money in male beauty
  • How to grow a vertical farm
  • Inside the end-of-life economy
  • Roller-skating in Hong Kong

...and more.