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  • Casa Brutus – Number 271: Renovation 3.0 – Cover
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Casa Brutus

Casa Brutus – Number 271: Renovation 3.0

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Casa BRUTUS is a monthly publication from Magazine House. It is a lifestyle and design magazine that presents beautiful living topics such as design, fashion, architecture, gourmet food, travel, art, and more. The magazine is released on the 10th of each month. 

(Japanese language only!)

Building a home that lasts

Masterpieces, parents' homes, built-for-sale houses, condominiums, new era renovation examples collection!

<Villa Kuku> designed by Takamasa Yoshizaka, an architect who studied under Le Corbusier. It was actress Kyoka Suzuki who challenged the renovation and succession.
While some people are renovating masterpiece houses to suit modern living,
Those who inherited their familiar family home and are trying to connect to the future in a new way, There are an increasing number of cases in which built-for-sale houses and condominiums have changed beyond recognition due to renovations.
We will feature the future of renovation that inherits history and memories and creates new value!

Kyoka Suzuki inherits Takamasa Yoshizaka's masterpiece house. Who is Takamasa Yoshizaka, a stranger who transcends the category of architect? Learning from Le Corbusier and the impact of the mud house <Villa Kuku>. He became the caretaker of Villa Kuku. Written by Kyoka Suzuki

From the traces of the house during the inspection before the renovation, we can infer the thoughts of the architect and the client. A renovation policy devised by the New Material Research Institute to preserve Yoshizaka's legacy for future generations.
The relationship between the living room and the atrium revived by restoring the second floor. A comfortable dining room is completed by reproducing and restoring the furniture. By refurbishing the 2nd floor, which used to be a bedroom, it became an open loft at the time of completion. I installed architectural books and art in a cave-like study just below the second floor. Contemporary kitchen with updated equipment.
Restored movable sunshade louvers inherited from Koru. The thoughts of Kyoka Suzuki, the client who completed the context of restoration. Alpinist's garden. Written by Hiroshi Sugimoto

Live in a masterpiece house.
Tadao Ando's Rokko housing complex by ninkipen! / Yasuo Imazu
Sakakura Architect & Associates Villa Series by Kohei Kudo Architectural Design Office / Kohei Kudo
Junzo Yoshimura's Mansion in Hakoneyama by Design Office ima / Kyo Kobayashi + Mana Kobayashi

live in the family home.
Shiiba House by Motosuke Bandai Architects / Motosuke Bandai
My house in motion by Takuma Tsuji Architectural Planning Office / Takuma Tsuji
Irregular roof in Furano by Takama Takagi Architects / Takama Takagi

Live in a ready-built house.
Toji Residence by Tato Architects / Yo Shimada
House / Millgraph by Tetsuo Nishizawa Architectural Office / Tetsuo Nishizawa
Reimeiki by Takuma Kawaguchi Architects / Takuma Kawaguchi

live in an apartment.
Soft Ceiling House by Tsubame Architects / Takuto Yamamichi + Motoo Chiba + Himari Nishikawa + Ryota Fujimoto
House in Ichijoji by YAP / Haruto Yamaguchi
R♯402 by 360°/Arata Naya

Takashi Homma before and after TANGE
Sho Sakurai A trip to learn Kenchiku.
Kokin East and West Kashiyuka Shoten
Tomoki Sukema Miracle Closet
Tomomi Nagayama design hunter
Keiko Kodera Restaurant forecast
Hoshiyoriko from Casa Nekomura
Chill CARS Well-designed cars that have been loved for generations.