Casa Brutus – Number 255: 200 Japanese Product Designs – Cover
Casa Brutus

Casa Brutus – Number 255: 200 Japanese Product Designs

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Casa BRUTUS is a monthly publication from Magazine House. It is a lifestyle and design magazine that presents beautiful living topics such as design, fashion, architecture, gourmet food, travel, art, and more. The magazine is released on the 10th of each month. 

(Japanese language only!)

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Daily necessities are the most familiar product design, and the masterpieces of daily necessities are crystals of "beauty for use" whose form and function match. In particular, the products made by making full use of Japan's world-class craftsmanship and industrial technology are all gems that can be used for a long time and are beautifully used. From masterpieces of the universal high economic growth period with excellent shape and quality, to unprecedented gems worked by foreign designers and town factories, to new products that are close to the modern lifestyle, Japanese design through daily necessities Learn beauty.

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