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Casa Brutus

Casa Brutus – Number 254: Tower of the sun

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Casa BRUTUS is a monthly publication from Magazine House. It is a lifestyle and design magazine that presents beautiful living topics such as design, fashion, architecture, gourmet food, travel, art, and more. The magazine is released on the 10th of each month. 

(Japanese language only!)

Tower of the Sun
Taro Okamoto and Aimyon

Aimyon, why do you admire Taro Okamoto?
A 100-page special feature that focuses on Aimyon's perspective on the appeal of TARO!

Taro Okamoto is a great artist who expresses his outlook on art and human beings in various ways, from painting to sculpture, furniture, design, photography, calligraphy, and words.

Aimyon, a singer-songwriter who was born the year before TARO died and professes to dream of performing live under the Tower of the Sun.
I often go to places related to Taro Okamoto, read books and words, and even produce songs with TARO as a motif.

Even so, why do you admire Taro Okamoto so much? <br> Since the Osaka Expo, the interior has been revived vividly for more than 48 years. >, <Museum>, which holds a large number of works, and public art created based on the belief that "art belongs to the people", I would like to revisit Taro Okamoto's charm by tracing Aimyon!

Tower of the sun
Aimyon confronts the Tower of the Sun.

Three Faces The three faces of the Tower of the Sun represent the past, present, and future.
EXPO'70 A "bellabo" existence in the future that Japan envisions after the war.
Inheriting Reborn Taro's philosophy, "regeneration" rather than restoration.
Diagram Illustration: Tower of the Sun
Space of Life Infiltrate the womb of the Tower of the Sun, which expresses the magnificent history of life.

Interview 01 The day Aimyon met Taro Okamoto.

Taro Okamoto Memorial Museum
Taro Okamoto Memorial Hall
An old home and atelier where you can feel the footprints and breath of your creation.

Architects Interacting and working with star architects.
Taro's circle of exchange that transcends network areas and borders.
110 years since the birth of Timeline TARO. Follow the turbulent steps.
Family Family members who have survived their original lives.
Get to know the Character "polyhedron" Taro.

Interview 02 TARO Feel "human Taro" with your body in a place related to TARO.

Taro Okamoto Museum of Art, Kawasaki
Taro Okamoto Museum of Art, Kawasaki
Touch works that transcend genres and their versatility.

Painting Do you know Taro Okamoto's paintings properly?
Furniture Furniture that creates creative laughter and is on par with humans.
Design A living tool designed as a popular art.
Taro's maxim chosen by Words Aimyon.
Goods can be bought! TARO goods.

Interview 03 After Taro's creation, Aimyon is directed to music.

Public art
Art in everyone's hands! TARO that anyone can go to see.

Myth of Tomorrow Myth of Tomorrow
Tree of Children
Young Clock Tower Young Clock Tower
Tower of Mother
MAP A trip around TARO all over Japan!

Interview 04 Art that will last forever, like public art.

Tomoki Sukezane Miracle Closet
Ancient and modern east and west Kashino store
Tomomi Nagayama Design Hunter
Keiko Kodera Restaurant Forecast
Yoriko Hoshi Casa's Nekomura
Chill Cars A well-designed car that has been loved for a long time.