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  • BRUTUS Magazine – Number 993: Good Style for Mr. Brutus – Cover
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BRUTUS Magazine

BRUTUS Magazine – Number 993: Good Style for Mr. Brutus

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Brutus (ブルータス) is a bi-weekly Japanese men’s magazine devoted to pop culture, lifestyles, and culture in Tokyo, Japan by Magazine House.


The 2023 fall/winter fashion special issue is in its third season with the keyword "GOOD STYLE for Mr. BRUTUS: Creating cool adults."
This time, we'll be thinking about cool adult styles with the theme of "winter traditional fashion."
I'm in the mood for traditional fashion this fall/winter.
Having your own royal path that you want to be with for the rest of your life is a condition for being a cool adult.
Coats, sweaters, blazers, tied-ups...Brutus offers traditional style.

table of contents

Special feature
Winter trad.

22 people's trad thoughts. What does trad mean to you?

winter coat.

How to Tie How to play with ties from Daiki Suzuki of 〈Engineered His Garments〉

My usual navy blazer.

A new heavy-duty knit.

What are the accessories that create traditional style? David Marks/Keisuke Baba

24 retro sports.

Nigel Cabourn talks about the charm of tweed.

Suede feet in winter.

What are traditional pants for this winter?

Authentic down.

There's a reason why cool adults exist.

Mr. Sweater

Cool adults. Michael Hill/LQQK STUDIO/T-Michael

We asked stylist Katsuhiko Kitamura, "What is trad?"

We visit a Japanese traditional manufacturer that is particular about in-house manufacturing.

What is “local trad” from Awaji Island?


Mr.BRUTUS CLUB Bringing you the fashion journal you need to know this fall/winter!

HELLO, Mr.BRUTUS 60 masterpieces that will become the new winter classic.

Book in Book
GOOD COSME for Mr.BRUTUS Become a cool adult face.